Recommended Reading


Steven Heine: Dogen and the Koan Tradition
Existential and Ontological Dimensions of time in Heidegger and Dogen
The Zen Poetry of Dogen
Did Dogen go to China?
Hee-Jin Kim Dogen Kigen Mystical Realist
Francis Cook How to Raise an Ox
Sounds of Valley Streams
Shohaku Okumura Realising Genjokoan
Jean Stambaugh Impermanence is Buddha Nature


Gudo Nishijima To meet the Real Dragon
Brad Warner Hardcore Zen
Kosho Uchiyama Opening the Hand of Thought
Michael Washburn The Ego and The Dynamic Ground
David Loy Lack and Transcendence
Reb Anderson Being Upright: Zen meditation and the Bodhisattva precepts
Charlotte Joko Beck Everyday Zen
Shunryu Suzuki Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind
Stephen Batchelor The Awakening of the West
Hubert Benoit The Supreme Doctrine
Bernie Glassman Bearing Witness

Zen in China

Bill Porter Zen Baggage
Road to Heaven. Encounters with Chinese Hermits
Lewis Lancaster and Whalen Lai [editors] Early Ch’an in China and Tibet
Heinrich Dumoulin Buddhism: A History [2 volumes]
John McCrae The Northern School and the formation of Early Chan Buddhism
Seeing Through Zen. Encounter, Transformation and Genealogy in Chinese Chan Buddhism

Flower Garland Sutra

Francis Cook Hua Yen Buddhism

Lotus Sutra

Dan Leighton Visions of Awakening Space and Time

Diamond Sutra

Mu Soeng The Diamond Sutra – Transforming the Way we see the World
Bill Porter [Red Pine] The Diamond Sutra. The Perfection of Wisdom


Michael Luetchford Between Heaven and Earth
Jay Garfield The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way
Nancy McCagney Nagarjuna and the Philosophy of Openness

Yogacara School

Tagawa Shun’ei Living Yogacara