Rakusu & Okesa Group

After we have been practicing for a while and want to commit more to buddhism as a way of life, we might seek to take the precepts. These are the Buddhist vows undertaking not to kill, steal, lie and so on, essentially acknowledging the unity and sacredness of all life.

GZG John's rakusu
John Fraser’s (Sosei) rakusu, precepts taken 1996

As part of this, we are given a Buddhist name, and we sew a rakusu 絡子, which is a traditional Japanese garment worn round the neck. It is an abbreviated smaller version of the Okesa お袈裟, the traditional Buddhist robe, which was originally made from pieces of discarded fabric, hence symbolising the interdependence and preciousness of all being.

Participants can drop in and out of the group as they please, it isn’t necessary to take part each time. Please come and join us – to do this contact us by email, or for any questions about this group.

Glasgow Zen Group rakusu making