For people new to Zen practice

What Is Zen?

The essence of Zen is seated meditation, Zazen.

We sit in a relaxed yet dynamic way, allowing our thoughts and emotions to come and go freely, maintaining a broad and open awareness, aware of all our aliveness.

The practice is very simple, but also very profound. Done wholeheartedly, it gradually changes and expands our sense of who we are and how we can live.

It isn’t a religion in the Western sense, although it’s part of Buddhism. It isn’t mindfulness, because it works with the body and mind together. It isn’t a branch of psychology, or a form of self development, although it will profoundly change you. It has its roots in the very early teachings of the Buddha 2,500 years ago, yet is always fresh and new.

It doesn’t require you to believe anything, but through this simple practice you can find your way to a more heartful  and connected life. It urges us to widen our gaze from a narrow self concern to see the interconnectedness of everything.

If you would like to join one of our Introductions to Zen, join our regular sittings or other events, and meet our friendly and supportive community, we kindly invite you to contact us. Alternatively, perhaps if you already have some experience of meditation [not necessarily Zen] you might like a one to one Zoom or telephone call to find out more about us, and whether our practice is for you. If so, please email us at

Artwork by Margaret Kerr