Academia – Mahayana Buddhism

Access to Insight
Pali sutras

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate
Dan Leighton

The Dōgen Institute
Disseminating the Teachings of Eihei Dōgen Zenji

Dogen Sangha – Bristol
Dogen Sangha Buddhist Group in Bristol

Fujita Issho Official Website
Issho Fujita’s website

Hardcore Zen
Brad Warner’s blog

Sanzhin Zen Community
Zen community founded by Shohaku Okumura in Bloomington, Indiana

Shomonji – Shobogenzo
This temple has a compilation of Dogen Zenji’s writings in Japanese and Chinese characters.

Soto zen official website. They also publish Dharma Eye and have lots of information about practice.

Tricycle Magazine
The Buddhist Review

The Zen Site
A site dedicated to a better understanding of Zen Buddhism.

Zen Terebess
A Hungarian website with an enormous compendium of interesting information in the english section, such as John McRae Seeing through Zen Traditions of meditation in Chinese Buddhism (Gregory, editor)

Individual Articles

An article from SOTOZEN-NET