Introductions to Zen Meditation

During this present emergency, inner steadfastness and outward connection with all beings is more vital than ever. Zen Meditation is the expression of both.

The Glasgow Zen Group moved their activities online at the start of lockdown, and have been particularly keen to let others know about the practice of Zen meditation (zazen) during this world wide crisis.

[Our most recent Introductory event was a three part talk on 21 and 28 November and 5 December 2021, 16.00-17.30 Uk time].
You can view a recording of these talks here:

Introduction to Zen Part 1 – A Historical Perspective
The first of John’s three part talk on the origins, practice and ritual of Soto Zen.

Our next Introduction will be in the Spring of 2022.

The Introductions include an informal talk about the practice and principles of meditation, a discussion about what is distinctive about Zazen compared to other forms of meditation, its history and background, a demonstration of how to meditate, and an opportunity for you to meditate with feedback and discussion afterwards. There is no charge. We suggest that after you attend the Introductions, you come along to a couple of meditations, then arrange a Zoom one to one call with John Fraser, our teacher, to address queries and so forth.

If you are keen to start practice now, and have just missed an Introduction, please email us and we will send you the text of our last Introduction, so you have a sense of our perspective, and if that squares with you, you can then contact us again to set up a Zoom call.

Please come and join us – to do this contact us by email for the Zoom details, or for any questions about these events. The introductions are suitable for those new to zen, as well as existing group members. They are also very useful for existing practitioners who are looking for a congenial group to practice with, and would like to get a broad sense of what we are like.

Artwork by Margaret Kerr
Artwork by Margaret Kerr