Regular Sittings

We have regular zazen sittings together in-person and also online via Zoom, at the following times. Please note times are UK time (UTC, or UTC+1 during British Summer Time).

Zazen in-person sittings

We meet regularly for zazen (sitting meditation) at Kagyu Samye Dzong (KSD). This is conveniently located at Charing Cross, Glasgow and easily accessible by Tube, Train and Bus.

Saturday Zazen sitting (blended): 8.15am (25 mins sits x 2, chanting, questions)

Sunday Zazen structured sitting: 8:00am (25 mins sits x 2, chanting period)

Please contact for more info:

Kagyu Samye Dzong Glasgow
(formerly named Rokpa House)
7 Ashley Street
Glasgow G3 6DR

Zazen online sittings

Monday: 6.25am until 7.10am (40 mins sit)
Tuesday: 6.25am until 7.10am (40 mins sit)
Tuesday: 6.55pm (2 x 25mins sits, chanting, questions)
Wednesday: 6.25am until 7.10am
(40 mins sit)
Thursday: 6.25am until 7.10am (40 mins sit)
Friday: 6.25am until 7.10am
(40 mins sit)
Saturday: 8.15am
(2 x 25mins sits, chanting, questions)

Weekly Zazen Schedule

Whether you are familiar with zazen, or are a complete newcomer, or have practiced in a different tradition, you are very welcome to join us. We suggest that you sit with us for at least a few weeks and after that, if you would like to become a member of the Glasgow Zen Group, we ask that you set up a standing order to pay £20 a month if you are working, £5 a month if you’re not.

If you have practiced Zazen before you are welcome to join us immediately. Alternatively, you may want to wait for our next regular Introduction. If you are experienced in meditation other than Zazen and wish to join us without waiting for the next Introduction, please email us to arrange a Zoom call.

To join us simply email us at with your name (and mobile number if you like), and we’ll add you to our WhatsApp Group or email list if you prefer, and make arrangements with you to introduce you via Zoom to the practice, and after that you’re very welcome to practice with us.


The pattern of our regular sittings is similar to that of the AZI. We sit for approximately an hour, and then chant for around 15 minutes.

We sit for zazen in the traditional Soto style, facing the wall. During the second sitting, the leader of the sitting (godo) may gives a short dharma talk (kusen) and afterwards we may have a short period for questions and discussion. All our chanting at our regular sittings is done in Japanese, rather than English.

After ending the Sunday session, we usually pop downstairs for tea and discussion, or on a Saturday some members will visit a local coffee shop together. There are various opportunities to ask questions or discuss sangha business. Visitors are very welcome to join any of these meetings as well as the sitting itself.

25minZazen – sitting
5minKinhin – walking
25minZazen – sitting
facing wall during zazenRobe Verse (3 times)
facing in after zazenHeart Sutra
 Four Vows and Fueko