C2/5 Ju-undo-shiki



Rules for the Hall of Heavy Cloud

Ju-undo or “the Hall of Heavy Cloud” was the name of the Zazen Hall of Kannon-dori-kosho-horin-ji temple. Shiki means rules. So Ju-undo-shiki means “Rules for the Hall of Heavy Cloud.” Kannon-dori-kosho-horin-ji temple was the first temple established by Master Dogen. He built it in Kyoto prefecture in 1233, several years after coming back from China. Ju-undo was the first Zazen Hall to be built in Japan. Master Dogen made these rules for the Hall, and titled them. The chapter was not included in Shobogenzo when the 75-chapter edition was compiled, but was added when the 95-chapter edition was compiled at the end of the 17th century. The inclusion of this chapter is very useful in understanding Shobogenzo, because what is written here represents in a concrete way Master Dogen’s sincere attitude in pursuing the truth.