In these extraordinary times, our responsibility as practitioners is to seek to foster connection. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, we have online Zazen (Zen Meditation) sessions by Zoom six days a week, an online Chanting Group and online Study Group, with more activities (click below for details). We are gradually transitioning back to physical sittings too. We anticipate moving to a hybrid of physical sittings with Zoom participation, and both physical and Zoom events, so that practitioners anywhere can participate and enrich our sangha. Please contact us and we will be in touch with how you can take part.

John’s teachings

Our teacher John Fraser gives regular kusen teachings. Kusen 口宣 means a teaching spoken from the mouth, these are spoken by John towards the end of a zazen sitting, and elsewhere. The Kusens here have been edited and expanded for clarity. The unedited versions are on our YouTube channel ‘Glasgow Zen Group’. Please have a browse through and enjoy.

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